Wadi el Ain, Go tell it on the mountain_resultWhatever trek you’re doing, it’s important to put a good, solid plan together. The Sinai is a harsh desert land and treks pass through remote areas where you won’t see anybody for days. Your guide will know the area and will have a plan but you should understand everything about the trek independently of your guide – just in case. The most important thing on any trek is water: can you get it on the trek and if so, where? Food is important too: you’ll need to take everything you need from start to finish as there are virtually no shops or villages in the Sinai. You’ll also need to think about whether you need a camel to carry bags or even if you want one to ride. You’ll need to know a bit about the Bedouin, and the territory of the tribe you’re trekking in too. GET STARTED HERE.