Open desert plain, Sinai, The Trekking Guide_resultThe Sinai has an extraordinary diversity of scenery, with everything from high mountains to sandstone plateaus, sweeping deserts and immense seaboard plains. Sinai: The Trekking Guide gives a representative selection of the best.  Classic trekking highlights are the focus but the spectacular wild, untrodden parts of the peninsula haven’t been forgotten either.  There’s plenty of variety: some routes are classic mountain walks, others are wadi-based treks, and one or two mostly scrambles. Along with the scenery, many treks have an historical attraction: some are notable for their ancient Egyptian or Nabataean history, others for their early Christian heritage.  Treks in the book can be done as shorter routes or linked into bigger circuits and there’s a range in difficulty. They’re grouped into three separate regions: THE HIGH MOUNTAIN REGION, WADI FEIRAN AND THE DESERT.

Sinai, The Trekking Guide, Map