Top recommendations

Minibus, Sinai, Go tell it on the mountain_resultHere are some of top recommendations on everything from guides to taxi drivers, places to stay and things to do. These are some of the best you’ll get and what’s here is a sort of ‘directory of excellence’. If you think anything should be listed here, please CONTACT US: tell us about it and WHY you think it should be mentioned so we can check it out. The numbers below are given exactly as you should dial them, either from outside Egypt or inside Egypt. You can leave the +2 out inside Egypt, but it’ll work either way.

GUIDES For the HIGH MOUNTAIN REGION a superb guide is FARAJ AHMED (+20122-678-9869) and there’s also NASR MANSOUR (+20122-930-6533). You could also try MOHAMMED EID (+20100-977-3329), SALEMA EID (+20100-735-9622) and AHMED SAALEH (+20122-351-4898).For trekking in THE DESERT, try FARAJ SOLIMAN, a local Muzeina guide from Nuweiba (+20100-188-1852). RASHID HAMD RASHID is a good guide from the Tarabin tribe who also lives in Nuweiba. (+20106-138-8257). Another excellent one is MUSALLEM ABU FARAJ, who belongs to the Tarabin too (+20102-290-7022). In WADI FEIRAN ask around for ISMAIEEL ABAID ATWA or SALAH ABAID ATWA.

TREKKING AGENCIES The best trekking agency in the Sinai is SINAI DESERT FOX. It’s run by FARAJ MAHMOUD: a Bedouin who knows the Sinai better than anybody and who has all the local connections needed to organise great treks.

TAXI DRIVERS A superb driver is HAMEED MOHAMMED (+20100-310-6228): fast, safe, with good English, who also has a network of other good drivers. He is based in St Katherine but can organise taxis from anywhere to anywhere else in the Sinai at any time. Also good is HAMEED FARHAN (+20100-571-6099). In Nuweiba IBRAHIM KHODAIR (+20100-537-8810) is good too.