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Bamboo, Wadi Madaman, Sinai, Go tell it on the mountain_resultBen Hoffler – SINAI: THE TREKKING GUIDE’S author – blogs about the Sinai at GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN. The blog is mainly about his ongoing attempt to climb all of the Sinai’s mountains, but there’s lots of other stuff thrown too, from practical travel tips to advice on blending in with the Bedouin and stuff on exploring the Sinai for yourself. As well as putting a lot of new, interesting stuff out there about the Sinai, the blog seeks to change perceptions about the region and to give a counter-narrative to the bad news with which it has been associated since the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, showing you CAN travel safely here. And that it is home to a culture for which welcoming guests has been central since ancient times.