Taba, Sinai, Sinai, The Trekking GuideTaba is one of the Sinai’s most important gateways. It has a land border with Israel, an airport that handles flights from Europe, and a marina served by boats in Jordan. Before coming to Taba, read up on visas and avoid the SINAI ONLY VISAS that are given out as the default here. If you’re going the other way – ie if you’re leaving the Sinai – then be equally careful about getting an exit stamp from Taba. This will instantly reveal that you exited for Israel and will be taken as evidence of a visit. Many Middle Eastern countries – from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia, the Yemen etc – will bar entry if they think you’ve visited Israel. Think about exiting the Sinai on the ferry from Nuweiba to Aqaba instead.

ORIENTATION Taba isn’t much of a town. It’s a small border post built around a single road. The most important thing you need is the bus station, a 10 minute walk along the road from the border. Pretty much everything else is big, expensive hotels. Taba’s marina, for boat services, is in the TABA HEIGHTS COMPLEX, an area of luxury hotels about 20km south of town.

Minibus, Sinai, Sinai the trekking guideGETTING THERE & AWAY – Taba has a small airport that handles a few flights from Europe. The Taba marina has boat services to Aqaba in Jordan, operated by MEENAGATE. There’s another service called the SINDBAD EXPRESS. Schedules for both are changeable so always check in advance. Buses run between Cairo and Taba daily but Westerners can’t take the short route to Suez because of security concerns. You have to go the long way round, via Sharm (LE60-80, 12hrs).  Buses also run daily between Sharm (LE25,3-4 hrs), Dahab (LE25, 2-3 hrs) and Nuweiba (LE11, 1hr) by daily buses. SERVICE TAXIS wait outside the border and run south to Nuweiba. Private taxis should cost LE120-150 to Nuweiba; LE250-300 to Dahab; LE 350-400 to either Sharm or St Katherine.

STAYING IN TABA Don’t stay in Taba: it’s a boring town and the only accommodation options are big, expensive hotels aimed at a totally different market to the trekking one. Head south to Nuweiba, Dahab or another town.