Sharm Old Market, Sinai The Trekking GuideTowns will be an important part of any trekking holiday. You’ll pass through at least one of the Sinai’s towns before you hit any of the treks. Some are big, international-type gateways to the Sinai itself – e.g. Sharm, with its airport, or Taba, with its border to Israel etc. Others are smaller towns, some giving direct access to the treks themselves. Some of these towns can make great spots to stay either end of a trek, especially towns on the coast, with their cafes, bars, restaurants and beautiful beaches and coral reefs. This section gives the ESSENTIAL info you need for each town: finding your way around, getting there, getting around etc. For more detailed information on everything, including comprehensive reviews, street plans etc get SINAI: THE TREKKING GUIDE.